Kaitlyn Double Bridle

Kaitlyn Double Bridle


The bridle has an anatomical design to provide your horse with the superstar feeling of comfort and luxury.

 Ergonomically bridles are desined to eliminate pressure and for your horse to feel comfortable 

Patent Leather nose band and black leather halter 

Double Bridle with no flash . 

This seriously stunning beautiful Anatomical Bridle new and in black. 

This gorgeous bridle combines style and quality to offer all you need in a statement bridle. 

super soft and super supple

Suitable for every day riding or wear in the show ring.
artisan made with highest quality leather. 

Featuring a wider brow and noseband to spread pressure over a wider surface area this practical bridle also benefits from a curved cavesson which bypasses the main facial nerve. Including soft padding throughout, ultimate comfort for your horse. 

Browband has the SNAPS on both sides for easy changing

Crank padded noseband

Reins not included


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