Made from the Highest Quality Materials

Made of non-porous medical-grade thermo-polymer material that is super durable. Sturdy stainless steel hardware matched with our durable TPU material makes this collar virtually indestructible! No more torn fabric or teeth marks - ruff play is welcome! Crack & fade resistant!


Lifetime Guarantee & Warranty

Our collars come with a lifetime guarantee. If for any reason your collar fails or you have any issues with it, we will send you a brand-new replacement. Please contact our customer care team with any questions or concerns. 

100% Water Resistant & Washable

Your pup can be free to splash and play in the mud to their heart’s desire! C4 Collars can be easily and quickly hand-washed in the sink with light soap!


Antimicrobial & Odor Proof

The impervious and non-porous medical-grade thermo-polymer material prevents the growth of microorganisms and bacteria that are unhealthy for your dog and generate really bad odors (ever smelled a nylon collar?)


Super Comfy

Though sturdy and durable, C4 collars are pliable and ergonomically designed so they are super comfy and a pleasure for your pup to wear!

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